Sucking at sport

Riding along on my bike, being overtaken by all the fairweather cyclists who have come out of hiding since the weather warmed up and reflecting on my lack of running success,  I realised I have sucked at every sport I have ever tried. Here’s an exhaustive list.

In my day I have  sucked at: skiing ( I regularly cry when faced with a too-steep slope), climbing  (never progressed to being able to lead any route) , running (my 10 km speed record run at a speed which I overheard my workmates once describing  as well but nobody runs that slowly), surfing (I might have stood up once but not for very long),  hockey (it was long ago and in another country, but I sucked quite comprehensively), and riding a bike (as evidenced by the fact that all the hipsters on single speeds are flying past me with the wind in their beards).

Anyway,  apparently it’s edifying. One of my students said that the best things she got out of years of playing school volleyball was ‘learning how to lose,’ which actually might not be such a useless skill.



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3 responses to “Sucking at sport

  1. The wind in their beards, eh? I bet they’d struggle cycling from Tokyo to Warsaw! And sucking at hockey probably saved your life: it’s a lethal game.

  2. I suck at running waaaaaaaay more than you suck at running. I also sucked at volleyball and roller-blading at various points, and if I considered bike-riding a competitive sport rather than a means of transport I would also suck quite spectacularly at that. The trick is to surround yourself with dogs (small children might work equally well) so that your lack of co-ordination can be blamed on someone else.

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