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For the first time since Maja and Janek were born, we had a proper holiday this year. Partly thanks to the extra hands of my parents, partly to the fact that this time nobody screamed all night (or not much) before waking up at daybreak to scream some more, partly to the fact that anyone who wanted to could have at least 2 hours of napping/ babyless time in the afternoon.¬† Instead of a total break from routine, we had a transposition; instead of playground-home-playground, we rotated forest-home-lake. In the evenings we sat up til late, safe in the knowledge that naptime would come again the following afternoon. Even¬† the cooking and cleaning, shared amongst 4 pairs of adult hands, didn’t feel like a chore. Though trying to teach the kids not to kick kittens did.

As a result, instead of gritting our teeth and waiting til it was over, we were actually sorry to come home. I feel generally encouraged that travel in the future might actually be pleasant, which I have never dared to hope for before.


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