Becoming human

After 8 weeks on earth, two small people are emerging from the bundle of tears and demands, totally different from each other. There is now an advantage to having tw0- they are seldom grief-stricken at the same time, and so I don’t fall into the erroneous statistical assumption that since 100 % of my babies are grumpy, I breed grumpy babies. The exception is when they are getting stabbed in the head or their fat little thighs with a great big needle, but then there’s no need to wonder what the trouble might be- the need for a diagnosis is what bothers me, rather than the tears themselves.

I am also feeling slightly more human. We have instituted a shift system which allows me to sleep from 9-1 or thereabouts, which on top of an afternoon nap makes me relatively well rested. I now feel like a normal tired person who went to bed too late and got up too early, rather than a cognitively defective zombie who cannot stand the madness and cannot imagine it will ever end.

And, at last, there is an element of predictability in our lives- they go to bed at about 7 and sleep untilĀ  around midnight, allowing us to tentatively re-enter the social market. Though I miss my sleep shift, it seems a small price to pay for staying up with the grownups and talking about the cognitive capacities of the octopus and Andean treks instead of infants and their excretions.

P1120474 P1120459 P1120454 P1120417 P1120456 P1120452 P1120439



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4 responses to “Becoming human

  1. Matt C

    The joy of some sleep and the beginnings of routine! Well done to you both!
    P.s. The nights of sleep will return and routines will become well managed and new joys of two will emerge…

  2. Hey Matt- notice that Janek is in your sleeping bag- maybe there is a smell of competent twin parenthood on it! Tell me that yours sleep 12 hours a night now……

  3. Sarah

    Yay photos! They are both so very very very cute! I love the tongue out high five one. Such animation! They look pretty happy and content!

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